A whole new Gattuso


No matter which club you ardently supported, when the question came about the players who were short tempered and lost their mind on the pitch, everyone had two names on their lips ‘Gattuso and Roy Keane’.

We all knew how Gattuso was as a player, always enthusiastic, aggressive and ready to die on the pitch. These qualities are indeed intact till date in his heart, but the patience level of Rino had been insignificantly grown since he became the manager of Milan.

In the very beginning of his new managerial career, he hit his assistant on the back of his head when Gattuso lost the temperament. He never tried finding equanimity in the chaos rather than stood there and fought the fierce battle with all the grit, he had. Always seemed to lose patience but if you compare his recent behavior with his good old days the difference have been crystal clear.

  • When Bakayoko was struggling and still put into the field inspire of the poor performances in the start of the season, the decision of Gattuso was questioned. However he saw a great potential in Bakayoko when the mangers like Conte and Sarri were unable to identify his true potential. He provided the grit to the team, just like in good old days. Now Bakayoko is considered the spine of Milan.

  • Another example being that of Calhanoglu, who had been having the worst times of his life, with his private life creating a heavy void in his heart to fill. He had been bad since the start of the season and now the fans have lost their will and believe in Calhanoglu booing him every time he touches the ball. Everyone thought he would leave Milan this transfer window, but Gattuso kept him and took all the questions for him and saved him from falling into abyss. Gattuso did not lose his short temperament and believe in his warrior. In the recent game, almost out of nowhere Calhanoglu scored an amazing goal from outside of the penalty box area and changed the outcome of the game and with his wet eyes ran straight into the arms of Gattuso who always protected him and trusted him when others lost hope.

Gattuso has surely changed and all we can hope is that it goes on as the way it has been going since the reinforcements in the name of Paqueta and Piatek has been attached to the heart of Milan.