Abbiati Returns as Club Manager! Welcome Back


AC Milan appoint Christian Abbiati as Club Manager

It has been a busy transfer window for Fassone and Mirabelli & their team, with 4 key signings to date, the renewal of Mr. Montella’s contract and the appointment of Gennaro Gattuso as the Primavera coach. Gattuso was a fan favorite and a star at Milan for many years, his passion, loyalty and hardwork always appreciated by the fans. Today, another loyal ex-player has been added to the Rossoneri staff, and it is no other than Christian Abbiati himsef as the Club Manager.

The goalkeeper spent a total of 18 years at the club. He joined in 1998, as a young chap, and 3rd choice goalkeeper. He soon got into the first tesm though, making a total of 380 appearances. Although not the most talented of players, he will always remain in red & black hearts as a hard worker who always gave it his all.

Abbiati won the Serie A 3 times, a Coppa Italia once, and one Champions League trophy during his time at Milan, playing behind the likes of defenders such as Maldini, Cafu, Nesta, Zapata and Bonera. Although in his last season he and Diego Lopez were both benched,in favor of then 16 year old Donnarumma, Abbiati gave lots of Important advice and experience to Milan’s current number 1 which will forever be appreciated.

Overall, yes maybe he wasn’t the most talented or extravagant of players, but he always did his job and fought for the team. Abbiati will now help Milan with communications between the team and the club, working closely with Massimiliano Mirabelli, still doing his part to help out his beloved AC Milan

So dear Abbiati, from all the Rossoneri fans, we sincerely thank you for all you have done for us, and wish you all the best in this new role, and hope you can help us even more.