Milan’s players about Gattuso


Gattuso is known as motivator but he is able to do much more, some Milan players talked about Il Generale Gattuso, read here what they said:

Leonardo Bonucci: “I’ve never met a coach able to give me so much energy, not even Conte”

Patrick Cutrone: “Every coach’s word is a dose of adrenaline in our blood”

Lucas Biglia: “He gave me the chance to return to be the same player that has been able to reach the World Cup final”

Captian and Coach, Bonucci and Gattuso together

Ignazio Abate: “In Milanello since he came back there is the same atmosphere that we had with Ancelotti”

Gigio Donnarumma: “He spoke to me privately and told what I have and have not to do to become a Milan legend”

Antonio Donnarumma: “Even the players who don’t play a lot feel 100% part of the project, with Montella they didn’t”

Gattuso celebrating with his team

Suso: “tactically he didn’t invent anything new, but he has been able to get inside our minds and we could even go in a war for him”

Riccardo Montolivo: “I see in my teammates’ eyes a light that I’ve never seen before here at Milan”

Fabio Borini: “Every morning I wake up with the pleasure to go to Milanello to see the guys, before it wasn’t like this, I felt it like a job, now I feel like an entertainment, never felt something like this”

Jack Bonaventura: “When he looks in your eyes you can only say yes, otherwise he will slap you”

Gattuso himself sees his situation in a different way:

Gattuso about his situation

I belive i can talk for all Milan fans when I say, “we all love Mr. Gattuso!”

Keep it up Gennaro, we will be always behind you.