Name: Andre Silva
Age: 21
Current Team: FC Porto (MILAN)
Appearances: 28(4)
Goals: 16
Value: €60m release clause

Andre Silva is one of the most intriguing young prospects in the world. Since the loss of Jackson Martinez in 2015, Porto has struggled to find a replacement striker. Portugal, meanwhile, have struggled without a good striker since Pauleta retired in 2006. Enter Andre Silva.

For people who have not had the pleasure of watching Silva, he’s very similar to Belotti. Similar frame, similar physical attributes, similar work rate, and good with both feet and head. He also likes to drop deep and create a few chances, getting 5 assists. In his first full season, he managed 16 goals and 5 assists – a very impressive tally. This tally could have been increased significantly if he wasn’t pushed to the Right-Wing by his coach after the arrival of Soares in January. His technique is slightly better than Belotti’s and he’s just 21, giving him time to improve. Silva, for his young age, also possesses fantastic offside awareness, getting caught offside just once in every 2 games.

Silva looks like the most realistic option at this stage. He is young, fits into the team’s image and young core, is a fit for the manager’s tactics and has a lot of untapped potential. However, the Portuguese league is regarded as a ‘weaker league’ and has fallen out of the top 5 leagues in Europe in the recent years. Also, he could wilt under the pressure of his price tag and the expectations of the fans. Porto will listen to offers slightly under his price tag.

– Great All-Round Striker
– Great Offside Awareness
– High Work Rate
– Affordable price tag and wages

– Average technique
– Too young?

Fit into Montella’s tactics: 9/10
Plausibility of Transfer: 80%