Bonucci on his way to Barcelona?


FC Barcelona is looking for a replacement for Javier Mascherano, Bonucci should be the solution.

AC Milan captain Leonardo Bonucci

As Barcelona and Mascherano have reached an agreement for the argentinian centre-back to leave, Barcelona are eyeing Bonucci, the Milan captain, as a possible replacement. Bonucci hasn’t proved his quality since his move to milan, and he is at the receiving end of a lot of criticism. But he tries to improve and he also tries to help the team, including Gattuso, to get better results. Hopefully Leonardo Bonucci can show his great defending ability soon. Without a doubt he could be one of the best defenders in the world, when he reaches his maximum ability.

However, since Milan had a dreadful start into the Serie A, they’re going to be forced to sell some top-players, cause they’re most likely will miss the top four. So Barcelona has noticed the bad form of milan, and they are now thinking about Bonucci as a logical choice. Let’s hope that bonucci stays at Milan, and he will help them to the UEFA Champions League.

Time will tell whether or not the Barcelona Manager will make an order for our captain. Then it’s upon Fassone and Mirabelli to decide if they let go Bonucci, who has joined Milan last summer. Surely they won’t let him go for cheap, and they will try their best to raise the fee as high as possible.

What about you, should we let Bonucci leave? Why? Why not?