BREAKING | Gattuso Under MONEY-LAUNDRY Investigation !



There are more problems for Milan, as Gennaro Gattuso appears in a list of people under investigation for money-laundering.

The Coach owned 35 per cent of the Tre Olmi PIG farm (What ?!) based in Gallarate and which went bankrupt in May 2014.


There are 42 people under investigation for fraudulent transfer of money and money laundering.

Milan Coach Gattuso was a minority shareholder from November 2011 to December 2013, so had left several months before the bankruptcy.


Of the 45 under investigation, eight have been arrested and seven are on house arrest, but Pasquale Motta is the only one currently being held in custody.

Milan are currently in the process of finding a new Board of Directors, as President Yonghong Li defaulted on his debts and US hedge fund Elliott Management effectively repossessed the club. It sounds funny that he has a part of a pig farm company, but things could possibly go wrong. Just wish him the best.