Case Donnarumma: Raiola accuses AC Milan boards but Fassone answer back.


Mino Raiola interview on why Donnarumma did not renew his contract with AC Milan.

Raiola: “We were threatened, Milan have lost Donnarumma. I take the responsibility of his choice. There was on overly hostile and violent situation that was created. Donnarumma was threatened, his family was threatened. Threats of not playing, death threats, banners never removed from the management and passive behaviour against us. It was never an economic matter, if there are two parties that want to find a solution they’d have done it. They [Milan management] handled a top player like Donnarumma wrongly, they were too exuberant. I wanted to know Milan’s project gradually? Yes but I was already guaranteed from the club won’t continue signing free agents. We have no agreement with any club, no club has pushed us to do anything. The problem is not economic, it’s a matter of form. We could no longer accept certain threats, certain tensions, psychological stress, the passivity of the club towards Gigio. Mirabelli? I am talking about Milan but Mirabelli is an exponent who did this and then he takes his own responsibility. I have nothing against Milan, relations with Fassone are great and if we have to talk we will do. However, Milan have now made their decision. We had to decide on June 13 and we have decided. If Donnarumma risks losing a year of his career? Yes it’s a big risk. For me it’s mobbing if you threaten a player to stay for a year in the stands. Milan looking for a new goalkeeper? They have the right to look for other seven goalkeepers too, it’s not our problem. Donnarumma was willing to renew with Milan. They forced us to not renew, at a certain point Gigio told me ‘Sincerely Mino I do not feel like negotiating or accepting a proposal in this environment, seeing what’s happening to my family and me’. Between me and Mirabelli there was no feeling, we are on totally different waves. His attitude as a director is unacceptable.”.

Marco Fassone to Corriere della Sera to answer back Raiola’s words.

Fassone: “Milan did enough to protect Gigio? As a club we don’t know what more we could’ve done to transfer to Gigio and his family our desire and pleasure that he would stay with us. We transmitted this every time we spoke with him, I can say more. There were no threats. Our position is clear: Donnarumma for club ownership is not for sale, so he will be at Milan next season. Coach Montella will decide week after week, but for me Donnarumma could play all games. However, we cannot risk anything, we have to look for a new goalkeeper. We cannot stay with a player with an expiring contract, who maybe thinks of Real Madrid, in such a delicate position. I must make sure that we have a ready, calm goalkeeper in good psychological conditions. San Siro protest against Gigio would take off his serenity. From what Raiola says it seems that the boy is very anxious. Nobody has ever questioned legitimacy of Gigio’s choice. It’s perfectly in rules. However, legitimacy is one thing, business ethics is another. [Gigio’s decision] could’ve been done without damaging the club. As a result, the decision caused Milan €100m damage. If Donnarumma is worth that much at 18 it’s also thanks to this club. It would’ve been enough if Donnarumma had said he did not want to stay, we would’ve renewed him with a reasonable clause. Now Real Madrid won’t pay us & the money will go into his agent’s pocket. I would’ve reinvested this money in Italian football. Couldn’t we have waited? No, Gigio’s contract was expiring. I have to be able to intervene on time in the mercato. If Donnarumma had told me in mid-August that he doesn’t want to renew what would I have done? Raiola blames Mirabelli? There is no Mirabelli and Fassone, there is a single club, Milan. Every move, every proposal, every phone call has been agreed, so that no one can create issues between us [Fassone & Mirabelli]. Raiola says that Gigio changed his mind 15 days ago? Never, every time we spoke with him he always repeated that he wants to stay, until two days before the meeting with Raiola. Raiola, however, had always told us that he wasn’t available to negotiate in times we planned to. In case Donnarumma reconsiders his decision, he’d not only be welcomed by Milan, but in the end, I also believe, by Milan fans.”.