Cutrone defends himself: “In a moment of adrenaline I thought it was a regular goal”.


Cutrone does not want to go untrustworthy after the Lazio arm goal that has sparked controversy, but only after the game because no one had doubted the regularity of the 1-0 Milan. To players, benches, referees, assistants and the public the touch had seemed to be with the head. And, more surprisingly, even the VAR had nothing to complain about. After the final whistle of the referee someone on the field had begun to highlight some suspicions: in some images we see Simone Inzaghi asking Cutrone if he had scored with the hand and the attacker responding indicating the shoulder. But only in the aftermatch the images revealed that the Rossoneri striker’s touch was clearly with the arm.

CUTRONE DEFENDS HIMSELF – At that point has raised some perplexity even the celebration of the young footballer who celebrated as if everything was normal. Someone may have thought of a gesture of extreme sporting malice. But Cutrone does not agree and wants to explain in first person the dynamics of the goal against Lazio: “I saw the images of the goal – writes the striker on Instagram – in a moment of adrenaline and instinct I had the feeling of hitting the ball regularly so I still want to say that mine was not a voluntary gesture and I am sorry that my honesty is being questioned”.

DISCIPLINARY RELEVANCE – The voluntary nature of the gesture could also have a disciplinary relevance. In theory the arm’s goal falls into the case of the TV test’s application with a penalty of two days’ disqualification. However, to push the prosecutor and the sports judge to act, there must be the voluntariness of the gesture, an element that the dynamics of the action make very difficult to hypothesize in this situation. And the clarification of Cutrone goes in that direction.

CUTRONE IS INNOCENT – Just a few minutes ago the sports judge released his decision to not disqualify Patrick Cutrone. The judge analysed with attention images and videos and arrived to the conclusion that there is no intention by the player to hit the ball with his arm, it has been judged as an involuntary gesture. Therefore, Patrick Cutrone will be available for Gattuso in the next matches.