Daniele Bonera: A Man Of Loyalty and Satire


When we look at the great history of AC Milan, we understand that they built their reputation on top of their back line. Starting from Franco Baresi, Paolo Maldini, Alessandro “Billy” Costacurta, Alessandro Nesta, and Thiago Silva. We agree the names above are undoubtedly some of the best central defenders we have ever seen.

Baresi, Maldini and Costacurta are the products of Milan primavera. Costacurta only had a season to play outside AC Milan, the rest of his career he spent in the red and black uniform. Baresi and Maldini are more remarkable, these two captains having only one professional club in entire life, AC Milan.

Different things happen to Alessandro Nesta and Thiago Silva. The modern football climate and tougher competition, making it harder for the club to create great players from the academies. Especially if it’s been talking about the more instant results.

To get around this, AC Milan bought one of Italy’s best defender ever born, Alessandro Nesta from Lazio in the early 2000s. Another example when Thiago Silva joined at the end of 2008 and transformed into a great defender at AC Milan.

Baresi and Maldini are synonymous with loyalty, charisma and high leadership spirit as Il Capitano. In position, Maldini initially started his career as a left-back, but the player attached to the number 3 was also able to play in the center of defense equally well.

As like as Baresi and Maldini, Costacurta and Nesta have also taken on several duties as captaincy in the field. Maybe only Silva was rare or even has never been a captain for AC Milan, although as a central defender, the Brazilian is very qualified. The above things give the confidence that a great defender and AC Milan are like an inseparable destiny.

However, in football sometimes the reality does not go with what is expected, including in AC Milan. After Nesta moved to the United States and Thiago Silva to Paris Saint-Germain, Rossonero no longer had a strong figure in central defense. Phillipe Mexès was expected to be a natural successor of Alessandro Nesta, but the Frenchman’s temperamental attitude interrupted the scenario.

Long before the presence of Thiago Silva or Mexès, former CEO of AC Milan, Adriano Galliani has actually prepared a successor Maldini and Nesta. The player in question was Daniele Bonera.

Bonera was bought from Parma in the 2006-07 season for 3.3 million euros. The solid performance since played for I Gialoblu from the 2002-2006, made Bonera contested by big clubs and eventually joined to the San Siro.

Bonera had shown signs of being an important player at AC Milan. The first season he passed with quite a hit. Embellished by an injury that hit the back line, Bonera was given plenty of minutes to play and showed a compelling performance.

Moreover, Bonera pertained versatile player because in addition to being a central defender, he can also be installed as a right back or left back. In fact, his early arrival in AC Milan he projected as a right-back. In total, he played in 36 matches throughout the season in 2006/07 and he shared the pleasure of Champions League winner that season as well.

However, the return of several mainstays in the back line from injury makes the opportunity to play Bonera very limited from season to season. Moreover, he also hit by several injuries. As a result, he must accept the status as a backup player.

Bonera, who now plays at Villarreal, has counted nine seasons devoting himself to a red-black uniform, from 2006-07 to 2014-15. During his career at AC Milan, he took the club to get prestigious trophies like the Champions League and also Scudetto in 2010-11.

Although he was very loyal with nine seasons and has contributed to some of the success of AC Milan, Bonera’s name is actually more memorable more things such as satire, whether it is mockery, irony, parody or even satirical comedy.

It can be said that Bonera is a defender with an erratic performance. Sometimes he plays like a solid rock, but sometimes he plays very badly. His talent wasn’t growing rapidly because it is covered with less playing time in AC Milan. By the calculation, he only managed 22 matches each season included several roles as a substitute player.

The Italian public is known to be critical, especially regarding to football issues. And the uniqueness of it is the form of actualization criticism that sometimes even made a satirical comedy. Over the unstable performance, many fans are frowned and give criticism to Bonera’s game by making satirical words or even “memes”.

AC Milan Swiss twitter account had posted about Milan former defender, Lord Bonera who won Ballon d’Or.
Twitter hashtag #NoBoneraNoParty
From @HoldtheMilan

So many satirical comments or memes either by graphic or video regarding Daniele Bonera. The term “lord” in football appeared as a satirical nickname for footballers who have the expectation of high performance, but they eventually show the opposite. Bonera has also been categorized as lord by the public.

Actually, not only Bonera who categorised as “lord” in Italian football. Simone Padoin, ex-Juventus defender or nowaday, Amato Ciciretti from the newly promoted club, Benevento. considered as a new “lord” by so many memes about him.

Today, Daniele Bonera enjoying his career in Villarreal, Spain. Quite a good club for a footballer who was usually called a “terrible defender”.

By the nine seasons of loyalty for Rossonero, inconsistencies, and inspiration as satire objects of “laughing fun” for all of us, Bonera remains the legend for AC Milan, forever.

Such a loyalty and satire combined in one figure, Lord Bonera.

Grazie, Lord Bonera! 🙂


Featured image from acmi1899.com.