Di Francesco to Milan?


In the past week, AS Roma announced the departure of Eusebio Di Francesco. Despite his bad results with Roma, what would make Milan’s management think about hiring him?

First, the real reason behind his sacking. With the arrival of Monchi, Roma followed a questionable strategy by selling their best players at the time, such as: Radja Naingolan, Mohamed Salah, and Allison. He replaced these stars with Justin Kluivert, Steven N’Zonzi, and Bryan Cristante who were not enough to fill the gaps in the squad. The team continues to struggle and the gaps left by the stars are obvious to the spectator. Roma’s management took another questionable decision by sacking the coach last week, a man who lead them to the semi finals of the UEFA Champions League for the first time in many years. Di Francesco’s defeat of Champions League favourites FC Barcelona remains the biggest evidence of quality of him as a first team coach.

With Milan’s management supporting him, he should be able to deliver satisfying results.

Secondly, nationality and local experience. Di Francesco, as an Italian coach with success at both Sassuolo and at Roma, knows Serie A and Italian football, whilst also having knowledge of the competitors. This will make him a very viable option rather than bringing a coach who has no experience in the Italian game.

Third, tactical abilities and mentality. Do Francesco has proven his tactical prowess in many occasions. He players with multiple formations and tactics dependent on the adversary. His local and European experience make him a preferable option for many teams to show how much he has in his mind. Furthermore, his balanced mentality, unlike many Italian coaches, will help Milan play as the dominant force it once was.

Maybe Di Francesco is not the most experienced coach like Ancelotti, not the most passionate like Conte it the most successful like Zidane, but he has a lot to give and his numbers make him a preferable option to have, especially in current situation at Milan as the Rossoneri return to the big leagues again.

By Mohammed Abu Alsaud