Do you want to become a new AC Milan owner?


Let’s start saying that it will not be exactly like in Spain, Germany, Portugal or England where supporters of the biggest teams such as: Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Monaco, Atletich Bilbao, Amburgo, Benfica, Sporting Lisbon, Arsenal, are also the “owners” of the club. Where these supporters every 2 or 3 years are called to elect the president and the members of the Administrative Board. But it is for sure a first step towards that point for AC Milan and for Italian football.

The idea is to allow as many fans as possible to become business partners of AC Milan, but without the complication of having to go to a notary or look for someone to sell them stocks. Becoming a Milan business partner you can participate to the assemblies of the company and be able to share your thoughts with the managers.

The association that is promoting this initiative is “Associazione Milanisti 1899” in addition to being the majority shareholder of the publisher “Radio Rossonera“, it owns 28,553 AC Milan shares, partly obtained after having subscribed the “unopened” shares of the last increase in 60 million capital approved last summer. “Unopened” is a technical term that indicates the shares issued with the new capital increase and have not been subscribed by the shareholders.

The shares will be “given away” to all those who sign up for Associazione Milanisti 1899: in practice, as an entrance bonus to those who will subscribe a 300 euro fee, who will receive 10 shares in exchange, becoming in effect owner of a small portion of AC Milan. In order to “rationalize” the attendance at the meeting, where all the shareholders can participate, upon signing the share, a “union pact” must be signed, so as to regulate the activity in the meeting itself. How does it work? A meeting will be held in which two representatives of the shareholders who are part of Associazione Milanisti 1899 will be elected, to whom the questions should be entrusted for the board of directors.

The Association, in fact the second shareholder in Milan, behind the 99.93% stake held by Yonghong Li, has a series of ambitious objectives, as pointed out by the managers: “It constantly monitors the corporate and sports management of AC Milan. Critically analyzes the development policies, the investment choices and, more in general, the economic ones, promotes concrete management proposals and is the main interlocutor of the company and of sporting institutions and not, in the name and on behalf of its fans, true and passionate sportsmen, supporters of Milan”.

In addition to the 300 euro package, it will be possible to sign a larger package: 100 shares will be assigned with 1000 euro fee. The total proceeds will be used to financially support Radio Rossonera.

For all the information on the campaign you can consult the site: