€200 million later, Suso still the star player ! Ac Milan vs Chievo Verona Match Review


After a very disappointing run of results, the Rossoneri have finally showed us some glimpses of what a united team can really do. Of course the game was not perfect, but all in all the result was good.

Milan traveled to Verona for match day 10 of the Serie A hoping to grasp a much needed win before the awaited game against Juventus on Saturday. After a slow start to the first half, Milan were able to find the back of the net on the 36th minute thanks to a brilliant effort from the Spaniard.

What was impressive about the goal is that it allowed a more comfortable style of play to emerge, we started to witness more confidence in going forward. It only took 6 minutes to double the lead due to a mistake from the Chievo defender, Bostjan Cesar.

Milan came back even stronger after halftime and showed us pure domination, Calhanoglu added Milan’s third before a mistake from Kessie got the hosts their first goal of the game. The man who opened the scoring also showed his passing skills, as he sent a through ball to Kalinic who simply finished it superbly. All in all it was a good results, the fans were loud even though we were away, they cheered the team on and the team repaid the fans for their loud chants.

Suso was ofcourse the man of the match, he contributed to three of the four goals and removed a bit of pressure that was on Montella before the big game. It was a much needed confidence booster that the team was able to clinch such a result without Bonucci, Bonaventura, and Andre Silva. The only downside of the game is that Calabria suffered a horrible injury at the end, updates about his condition will be shared during the next hours. The journey to the top 4 is still long, but we have to start somewhere. Forza Milan!