Everything about the Zlatan-Milan Rumour


After months of rumours, it is believed that Zlatan has an agreement in principle on a sixth-month contract worth between EURO 2.5M-3M (Corriere della Sera + MLS Commissioner). The constant approaches between Boban, Maldini and Raiola have been effective, as the sportive director has convinced Zlatan to join us for at least six months, then his performances will decide if he will stay for another season.

Zlatan has won and accomplished objectives in every club he has been to except for his parenthesis at Los Angeles Galaxy, where he didn´t achieve the objective of winning the league, after losing against city rivals LA FC, so maybe he is looking to keep competitiveness in a club that wants him.

In a tactical level he can be partner of Piatek or Leao in a 4-4-2 formation, or play as a sub going in for Leao (our Portuguese star would learn a lot from Zlatan) or Piatek, just imagine our opponents when Zlatan goes in, the fear increases in the opponent squad and he can be the man who can decide decisive matches for the team. Zlatan could also play as the full number 9 in a 4-3-3 heading crosses from Suso and Hakan.
In a psychological level, Zlatan presence will implement a winner mentality and also will increase the rate of competitiveness among the players.

If this deal really happens, Milan will have not only a top striker but a warrior, a leader, an overriding man. Maybe people are arguing he is too old, including Gazidis himself, and when he comes he will get injured, but Zlatan at a physical level is still at top and he will demonstrate still at his age he can make the difference.
Yes, we need some Zlatanism in Milanello!