Exclusive Interview with Monica Mendes


We had an exclusive interview with Monica Mendes. We discussed about last season and the upcoming season. The AC Milan defender talked at length about her motivation and expectations.

acmswomen: It’s the first year for Milan in women’s football. Why did you decide to join Milan, knowing fully well you had offers from other teams?

Monica: I decided to join Milan because I was sure they would build a strong and very competitive team to upcoming seasons. I like new challenges and for sure it was another great one for me.

acmswomen: You had a wonderful season with AC Milan, and also making your 50th appearances for Portugal. How do you feel to achieve all these?

Monica: All accomplishments I’ve had in my career are the result of my commitment and hard work throughout the years. Plus regardless all of that, I am still young but with a lot of experience. Also, everything is much better when you work with teammates and staff who want you to improve day by day. Everything together makes me happy, but I still have a lot to look for.

acmswomen: Towards the end of the season you had a very serious injury when Milan played against Juventus in Coppa Italia Semi Final. Hope you are recuperating well? And when are you likely to get back to the field of play?

Monica: Well one day Ibrahimovic said:”lions don’t compare themselves with Humans.”and I think just like that! I am working very hard with Milan staff and better than anyone else, they know why I think like this. I am very thankful for the wonderful work they are doing with me. Hopefully soon, I will be ready to return all of these back to them, on the field, with my best performances.

acmswomen: After having a great debut season with Milan, what are your expectations for next season? What areas do you think the team need to improve on?

Monica: My expectations towards success are always high but always with humility. We had our ups and downs and Milan knows where we can improve. Italian League is getting much stronger year by year and so are teams. Milan is such a well-known club and has everything to be at the top. So for us players, honoring and taking this club to the highest possible is the most important thing over all.

acmswomen: What’s your advice to young players out there who are looking up to you?

Monica: If you have a dream, fight for it. Sometimes you’ll have numerous reasons to put them aside but none of them are stronger than those feelings you will have, once you live your dreams to the fullest. Deeply be you in whatever you do!

acmswomen: Any final word for your fans and Milan fans out there?

Monica: Yes, I would like to thank fans but specially those who constantly came to our games. I really hope them inspire more people to come to watch us playing next season. We love the support from our fans and in fact, it makes us stronger when we can feel them by our side.

Thank you for your time Monica! All the best to you.