Exclusive Interview with Frank Tsadjout


ACMilanSwiss got an exclusice interview with Milan Primavera promising striker Frank Tsadjout, who just renewed his contract with AC Milan till 2023.

Name ?


Surname ?


Position ?


Your best skill as a player ?

My good physical structure that helps me in the defense of the ball.

On what can you improve more ?

My resistance during the race to be polished for as long as possible and malice in the door.

Your best mental characteristic?

I always play every game at 100% giving everything I have.

Your footballer’s dream?

Playing in Serie A with the team that I always supported, this is Milan.

Which player is the most similar to you?

Lukaku, we are both left-handed, fast on the long side and we have a good body.

Your football idol?


Your favorite player of the actual Milan?


The strongest player ever of Milan for you?

Ronaldo the phenomenon, even if when he came to Milan he was no longer at the top.

The saddest and happiest moment you’ve had from Rossonero until today?

The saddest was surely when we lost in the Italian cup final against Torino, the happy one was the goal at the derby that we won, because my father came from france to see me.

Will you be summoned to the first team next year?

Hope that, but then we will see what the future will bring.

Tell us about your teamates and about the milan primavera envimorent?

It’s a beautiful environment, this year the group is very united and it’s very important to be able to create a competitive group.

Locatelli, Calabria, Donnarumma, Cutrone, and many others, in the last few years the Milan youth team is churning out talents like no other Italian teams, what is the secret in your opinion?

surely we must give credit to the scouting sector that found great talents but we must also emphasize the work done on the fields, always focused on the growth of the players and not just the result itself.

Are you a friend with Patrick, Davide, Gigio and Manuel? What can you tell us about them?

With Cutrone I played last year in Primavera, Calabria i met him in boarding school, with Gigio I played when we were in the young nationals while Locatelli i met him last year always in boarding school.

How was training with the first team?

It’s always very nice to deal with players of that caliber, you always have something to learn and then staying with them

What does playing for Milan means for you? for many people would be a dream to play for Milan, Do you feel the weight and the responsibility of wearing colors that have made the history of football?

It’s a great emotion every time I wear this shirt, playing here is an honour, but it also teaches you courage and always give your best and never spare you

A special greeting for ACMilanSwiss followers ?

Thank a lot to ACMilanSwiss and always Forza Milan

Frank’s season in numbers:

This season he played 29 games for Milan Primavera, scored 11 goals and assisted 4 others. He surely is one of the keys in this current team and we can say he is a promising player for our future.

Thank you Frank Tsadjout for this great interview, was a pleasure for me.We are all looking forward to seeing you in the first team and maybe meeting each other once at San Siro.Good Luck Franck