Exclusive Interview with Thaisa Moreno

We were with Thaisa Moreno for an exclusive interview to discuss about AC Milan and the FIFA world cup in France. This is the full interview we had with Thaisa Moreno:

acmswomen: You last played in the US for Sky Blue FC before joining AC Milan. Why did you decide to join Milan?

Thaisa: First of all, Europe is becoming a bigger market for women’s football. My agent informed me about AC Milan’s interest, and I began doing my research and was impressed by the facilities the club had, and what they were able to achieve in men’s football.

Also, when I heard that Carolina Morace was going to be the coach for the club, I was excited to be coached by her. This was one of the main reasons I joined the club.

Our Admin Nakisa with Thaisa Moreno

acmswomen: You had a great debut season with Milan in the just concluded season, and also scored 3 league goals including that wonderful strike against Juventus. What’s your best moment this season?

Thaisa: Yes, I was happy to have scored against Juventus football club. However for me, my best moment was my first ever goal in an AC Milan jersey. It was the last moment of the game, which led to our victory. So for me, that was the best moment.

acmswomen: Milan finished the season in 3rd position and a Coppa Italia Semi Final place. What are your expectations for next season?

Thaisa: Well, we wanted to achieve more for this season. If you watched some of the matches, one would see that Serie A is a very strong League and highly competitive.

In the next season, we hope to do our best to achieve more than this season. I hope we could aim for the titles as well.

Thaisa Moreno for AC Milan

acmswomen: You were at the last world cup in Canada 2015. How does it feel to once again feature in the next world cup in France?

Thaisa: I am extremely happy because I have been preparing everyday for this moment. Seeing my family proud of me, gives me the confidence I need, going to the world cup. I hope to do my best for the team.

acmswomen: Brazil is in the same group with Australia, Italy and Jamaica. You will be playing against some of your Milan team mates. How far do you think Brazil can go? And what’s the feeling going to be like when you face some of your Milan friends?

Thaisa: We are not having a good period in the Brazilian national team at the moment, but we are Brazil and always go for the titles. We would do our best to bring home the title for our country.

Facing my teammates? I really don’t know the feeling but very excited to play against some of them, against Italy. It would be great. I am sure the girls will be very excited to play against Brazil, as well.

acmswomen: Any final word for your fans and AC Milan fans out there?

Thaisa: I want to thank you my fans, for supporting us this season. Perhaps, they should support me in the world cup also. Tell them that I hope to see them, next season.

Thaisa Moreno for Brazil

Good luck at the World Cup, Thaisa!