Fassone Interview: Donnarumma wanted to stay!


Marco Fassone to Milan TV: “Donnarumma told me he wants to stay at Milan”

Milan TV, an inside source on everything related to AC Milan, held an interview with sporting director, Marco Fassone, in which he revealed some very interesting details about the Donnarumma situation.

“I kind of expected it; it didn’t come as a shock, because in the past 2 months we have been living in a confusion between what Raiola was telling me and what Gigio was telling me”

“Every time I saw him (Gigio), even a few days before Raiola gave me the news, he told me that he wants to stay at Milan” However he mentioned that Raiola was very hesitant to answer him, demanding they be given more time to make the decision.

What we can take from this, is that the decision to not renew the contract was highly, if not fully, influenced by Raiola. But this doesn’t mean that Gigio is not to blame at all. Abbiati came out with a statement saying: “I had the same agent and I made my own decisions; I never let myself be influenced. It depends on the character of the player” said Abbiati. “I also recieved insults from behind the goal. You have to be strong to only focus on the match, because the Goalkeeper has to have a very high concentration level”

However, Raiola claimed that “At first Gigio wanted to renew, but in the last 2 days he changed his mind; he didn’t feel valued by the club and I can’t take the responsibility for that”

With this recent fuel added to Donnarumma’s fire, it looks like this saga will never end. But who do you believe, if anyone at all? So far, there have not been any official offers made, and remember, that Milan can still offer him a new contract. Would you be happy if Gigio stayed?