Financial Balance


After the first full year with Elliott as the club owner there are the official numbers regarding the financial report of our club. Our club is in depth of 145.9 million euros, a staggering figure compared to Inter’s 11 million and Juventus’ 56 million, the main problem regarding this report is how we should have sold more players between July of 2018 and June of 2019 as we only produced 49 million compared to the 151,3 million that we spent.

Some of the worst calls of the year include an official 10,8 million spent on the loan of Gonzalo Higuain (that needs to be added to a further 5.5 million spent on his wages) and the official 15 million (including wages) for Diego Laxalt who only featured 13 times in the starting lineup.

Furthermore another problem was how we lost money (compared to the previous year) on the personnel at the club with an extra 31 million spent on training coaches and wages, mostly coming from important figures like Maldini and Gazidis. Gazidis also recently came out saying that he alongside the other people in the management saved the club from going bankrupt back during this previous year.