Gattuso: “We need a battlefield teamspirit!”


Gennaro Gattuso, the former Primavera Coach was promoted to be the coach of the first team after Vincenzo Montella’s sacking, he held his first Press conference this afternoon. Read here what he said:

“It’s going to be a tough job, this team has a lot of nationalities and an average age of 21. They’re not going through an easy time, but everything is in place to work well. However in my opinion this team can do really well.”

Gattuso, the new Milan coach

Afterwards he told about his new formation, which he wants to use:

“We’ll play a three-man defence. I have a great relationship with Montella, although some of our concepts are different. He likes the ball, and I like it too, but we have to be more direct. Three man in defence and four in midfield are locked in, we’ll see about the attack.”

Gattuso also talked about his feelings right now:

“I feel the same emotions as I did when I was a player, when I come to Milanello it’s like I’m in heaven. There are so many beautiful pitches we’ve got an embarrassment of choice. I love my job and I do it with passion, coaching a club like this is a privilege.”

Rino wants to change the mentality and wants them to fight like never before, like he said:

“This squad can do more, we need to become a team and go onto the pitch as a team. We need to cover the pitch, prove that we’re willing to suffer and be a united squad. We’ll need a battlefield spirit, though that won’t be enough on its own because we need quality too. Right now I’m not looking at the table, I’ll take it day-by-day. The match against Benevento has to be like a World Cup final!”

“We need to change and be more aware, I have to give something more to these lads on a mental level, that’s the priority.”

One interviewer told him then that the most people know him well as an motivator rather than a tactican, Gattuso replied with the following words:

“It’s ridiculous to me that all we ever talk about is my grit. They didn’t just give me my licence, I studied to get it. You can’t just prepare for games with desire and fight, you need a lot of knowledge. There are many photos at Milanello, to remind us that this club has a great history.

“We can’t forget Milan’s DNA, a great respect for the rules and a willingness to sacrifice.”

Gattuso and Berlusconi

One reporter asked him about Berlusconi, because he had always a great relation with the former owner of AC Milan, Gattuso called Berlusconi himself but not as the first call after his appointment, he clarified it:

“I know him well, but he wasn’t the first call I made. I talked to him often as a player and he was the most successful President in football history. We talked about having two strikers, which is in Milan’s DNA.

How about the new owner, Mr. Gattuso?

He doesn’t speak English or Italian, we’ve decided with Fassone to find a way to hear from him in the coming days.”

In my opinion a much more entertaining pressconference as the ones of Montella. We are looking forward to hear and read more pressconferences of our new coach Gennaro Gattuso.

But most of all I and my whole team want to wish Gattuso much luck!
We stand behind him like every single Rossoneri should do.