Giampaolo uncertain to be successful at Milan? Says Maldini


With the hopes of finding a manager who could raise the dead Giants of world football out from it graves, a man named Giampaolo seemed to be perfect candidate for the job required.

However, the Milan hierarchy seems to be obscure with Giampaolo and thinks that he might not get successful wth Milan, if he keeps on playing as he has done so far.

Maldini and Leonardo brought in the backbone of this newly gifted staff and were sure of the limelighted system acquainted by Giampaolo. However, with the change in the system a havoc was caused at certain positions where we lacked specific players. Players were made to shift in different position and the style of play was completely different, abating the usual 4-3-3 system was hard.

Due to the demands of the new managerial system, the introduction of new players was required immediately. The purchase went fine this window but the trouble in the offence still haunts the club with no quality left winger and a centre back.

Giampaolo is still one of the finest manager when it comes to tactical play, making a team play beautiful games even being below par compared to the level of their rivals. Giampaolo tried everything what he could so far with this new Milan.

Sticking with Suso playing as a CAM was one of the boldest move, the player seemed to be struggle in the new position. The formation suits best when the fullbacks are fast and have quality, with the comeback of Theo the system gets much better. However till date the system is wacked in every possible way.

Changing formations are not going to be the permanent solution for the team to get better results. A permanent fixation on this haphazard chaos needs to be taken upon if Milan needs to get back in the champions league. Whatever needs to be done needs to be done quick before it all slips out of our hands.