Ignazio Abate: A true milanista! Thanks!


This is a special article dedicated to a criticized player but always with “Milan nel cuore”. Ignazio Abate will conclude his career at Milan after 20 years of being in our glorious club since he started in the youth sector in the year 1999. Let’s summarize his career and thank him in an appropriate way.

Born on 12 November 1986 in Sant’Agata de’Goti but raised in the Milan Youth Sector, son of the former goalkeeper Beniamino, Igna immediately faces the first team in 2003, making his debut in the Italian Cup and in the Champions League. But they are clips and nothing more: the team is a battleship and there is no place for a promising 17 year old, yes, but not phenomenal.

Further began a long apprenticeship in the province, playing in Napoli, Sampdoria, Piacenza, Modena, Empoli until the season of Turin. It is not an exceptional year, but it is worth the chance at Milan. This time, come back to stay. It is 2009 and for the Devil it is a year of drastic downsizing: with the departures of Ancelotti, Maldini and Kakà, with the arrival of few players that didn’t make an impact. Among these is also Abate. Arrived from the wing, but destined to play as right back and Igna convinces Leonardo, finally taking the scene the following season with Allegri.

Resultado de imagen para ignazio abate
Ignazio abate after the match against Frosinone being celebrated by his teammates and his fans. Credits to EFE

Moreover 2010 marks the return in a beautiful Milan style. The last minute arrivals by Ibrahimovic and Robinho nominate the Rossoneri as favorites for the Scudetto. In fact in May, punctually, arrives: the 18th Tricolor of history, the first (and so far only) of the career of Abate. Igna carves out a huge space in that success: it is a fixed holder in the eleventh type from the right-hand side of the four-line line, an important man for the leg and the race it can offer. Also earning the national team, with which dispute EURO 2012 and the Brazilian World Cup.

Furthermore in August, the Italian Super Cup also arrives, then darkness. Milan misses the double Scudetto and in the summer of 2012 it strongly resizes with the goodbyes of the historic core of Ancelotti and the sales of Ibra and Thiago Silva. Ignazio Abate increasingly assumes a leadership role within the locker room, among the “captains” of a group that is qualitatively far from those of previous years. If the first year, with the third place and the Champions, is basically triumphant, the following seasons are very poor of satisfactions: the Devil misses Europe for three consecutive years, changes at least one coach a year and cannot find himself.

Ignazio Abate e Riccardo Montolivo alzano la Supercoppa italiana vinta a Doha sulla Juventus
Credits to acmilan

In addition for Abate, as for the team, they are seasons without satisfaction. Ignazio remains one of the team’s leaders (he also wears the captain’s armband in some circumstances) and has important spaces in the field, albeit interspersed with some physical problems, but the lack of results weighs. First, however, of the 2016/2017 season. For Milan comes a surprise rematch, in Doha, in the final of the Italian Super Cup against Juventus in fact Igna raises a trophy as captain for the first time, given Montolivo’s absence in the field. It is a liberation after years of suffering.


However, Abate had a beautiful and respectable career with a little too much suffering but also with some titles. We have to say goodbye to another red and black flag and as always in these cases there is a bit of melancholy in the fans. We wish the best to Ignazio into the next step of his career, he may be joining the MLS according to rumors.

Credits to Gettyimages

In conclusion he was a real fighter, one that the Milan shirt has really respected and loved. In this season he has given the soul and has always fought, helping the team even in central defense, where he proved to be the revelation of this year. He was not Tassotti or Cafu but he is a true Rossoneri heart and those who fight for our shirt will be esteemed and remembered forever!

Grazie Mille Ignazio!