In Cutrone we trust?


It seems like the problems for Milan are not looking to sail away, with Higuain ready to leave Milan within the end of the week. It was just when things were looking good with introduction of Paqueta, the quest for a better striker like Higuain has shaken the Rossoneri.

With Higuain benched for the game against Juventus, it is most likely to check if Cutrone can reciprocate his performance against the Italian Giants.

However, Milan directors will be looking to have a meeting with the Juve directors to talk about the situation with Higuain. Leonardo and Maldini will try to uphold the deal by asking Juventus to provide them some time for the reinforcement of any other striker.

If however Milan fail to capture the transfer of any good striker, should the Rossoneri trust in the young prodigy of Cutrone?