Kessie or Bakayoko? Can Milan Afford to Keep Both?


One thing that has become more and more clear over Milan’s season is the potential and quality within Chelsea loanee Tiemoue Bakayoko. The French midfielder has held some of the best form across all of Europes Top 5 leagues these past months.

He’s started in nearly all of the Rossoneri’s games and has been awarded the man of the match for consecutive times over that stretch. The man is like a bull dozer on the pitch, gaining possession forcefully and facilitating it tactically, completely opposite to the careless turnovers and lost positioning we saw at the start of the 2018 season.

This revolution of play has made both Rino and the front office take notice, as their fingers are itching on the trigger that is the 35mil option to buy. Which was included in Bakayoko’s loan.

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However; Leonardo, Maldini, and Gatusso’s decision isn’t just simply based off of whether or not Bakayoko is worth the 35mil price tag. It’s also comes down to preference. Franck Kessie is another loanee of Milan, who joined from Atalanta at the beginning of the 2017 season.

Still a young prospect, Franck “The Tank” has been both a fan favorite and a subject of criticism these past couple seasons. While his work ethic and grit is loved by all, some of his mistakes and inconsistent play have been rather costly.

Kessie’s loan came with a 24.5mil obligation to buy, and while that doesn’t mean Milan have to purchase the Ivorian, they’d incur a financial penalty (still smaller than Kessie’s purchase amount) indebted to Atalanta if they don’t make the move permanent.

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These past few transfer windows, Milan have tended to be big spenders; and with many targets still left on the list after January, the spending isn’t over yet. The problem is, Milan run into FFP (Financial Fair Play) regulations with every turn they make.

With FFP breathing down their neck, Milan won’t have much of an opportunity to go after left over targets this summer. Especially if they decide to spend 59.5mil out the gate just in order to keep two of the players they currently have on a permanent basis.

That said, Milan may be left with a very difficult decision between Kessie and Bakayoko if they do want to make a big splash in the market. But who is more worthy of staying in the Red and Black? Or are they both worth keeping in order to sacrifice the transfer window!? Make sure to let us know what you think!!