Locatelli’s future. Loan or stay?


In this first  weeks Milan has worked hard to improve the midfield which has been full of problems. Fassone and Mirabelli have tried to solve this problems.  They finalised the arrival of Kessie and finding an agreement with Biglia. Now they have to think about the cessions.  Jose Sosa and Poli are the most probable to leave. While the future of Montolivo is still in discussion.


The 19 year old player was a protagonist of the first part of the season.  He scored a goal in his debut against Sassuolo . Only two weeks after scored his second against Juventus.  After the match against Sassuolo he collected 9 matches as a starter and then a period of inactivity. In the last 9 matches of the season he only played two of them as a starter and the others as a substitute.  This was a result of the difficult situation of Milan’s season ending and Montella didnt want to put him in pressure.


Locatelli’s future is still uncertain. There are two options for the young midfielder. He can stay at Milan to grow up aside experienced players and debut in Europe but with a small probability to find continuity. Otherwise he can go on loan in a low level team with higher chances to find continuity.  Seems like the interested teams arent missing . These last weeks Locatelli was approached by Spal , Cagliari and Atalanta which can try to get him in the deal for Conti.