Maldini says his son is going nowhere!!


The blood which runs in Milan’s veins will never be lost until Maldini’s name is attached to this Milan team.

Call it the Maldini Dynasty. Because after Cesare and Paolo, it seems that the premises for another high-level Maldini are there. Born in 2001, Daniel plays as a second striker, is quick and has an excellent shooting technique. Daniel Maldini cannot go unnoticed. The boy turned 17 in October but is already showing a pure talent for AC Milan’s Primavera team.

Daniel is one of the few bright sides of the Milan youth side this season, which is experiencing a difficult season that has even lead to the sacking of the coach Lupi. But Maldini has scored four goals in the last four games. Malda, as he is nicknamed by his teammates, just like his dad Paolo, is showing his talent with impressive rhythms.

Empoli, Cagliari and Udinese in the league, Verona in the Italian Cup: the victims of Daniel Maldini are consecutive, goals are in the blood and he is playing like a predestined one.With that surname, it is not difficult to believe, even though he does not play in the defence like his father, actually on the opposite side of the pitch, but the Maldini spell still works. So much that Milan are planning a contract renewal for the little Maldini, whose current agreement expires in 2021.The same Paolo Maldini, who works at the club as a director, will put the interests of Milan in front of everything. Because there is an increasing number of teams interested in his son Daniel, every goal helps to turn the spotlight on the new talent of Italian football.