Meeting Bennacer, a metronome and more for Milan!!


Why a metronome? In football the metronome is the player who dictates the playing times, keeps calm in the midfield and organizes the team through precise passes and vertical launches to create scoring chances. Why this comparison? Because Bennacer, the last player acquired by Milan, has this characteristics but also when he plays as CM is crucial at shooting from distance and giving assists. Not only a metronome, but a complete midfielder who can do both attack and defensive phase.

Moreover, the details about the operation are the following: “Milan and Empoli have reached a total agreement on the transfer figures, which will be of a fixed portion of €16M with 1-2M additional bonuses, with the player who will sign a 5-year contract”(source Dimarzio). Further Bennacer, who immediately expressed enthusiasm at the prospect of playing for Milan, overshadowing Fiorentina’s interest, now awaits communications from his agent.

Captura de Pantalla 2019-07-07 a la(s) 12.00.42 p. m.
Ismael Bennacer, credits to IFTV.

Ismael Bennacer, 21 years old Algerian, can play as defensive midfielder and as central midfielder, managed to play 33 games with Empoli and obtained the following stats:

  • Midfielder with most succesfull dribbles in Serie A (66) and best dribble success rate with 77.6%.
  • 6 assists.
  • Most recoveries in Serie A with 312.
  • 3rd most possessions won.
  • Overall rating of 6.96/10 during Serie A. (Sources: Opta, Whoscored)

Furthermore, according to Whoscore, Ismael Bennacer has the following strengths: passing, dribbling, through balls, concentration, tackling, ball interception. What about his style of play? He likes to play long balls, likes to shoot from distance, to dribble, to tackle. If you want to see Ismael Bennacer skills, click here!

In conclusion, Milan acquired a great prospect for an affordable fee, and after analyzing the player, I understand why Giampaolo pushed for his acquisition, as he sees Bennacer a kind of Lucas Torreira and we know the good work he made developing Torreira into a complete midfielder. My hope is that Bennacer can improve more and confirms to become the complete player who can guide our midfield. Forza Ismael!

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