Milan for the Scudetto?


Much to the delight of Milan fans, it has been a very efficient, successful and busy transfer window so far, for Fassone and Mirabelli’s team. But is this squad good enough to compete for the Scudetto?

Over €120 Million spent, on a complete reinvention of the squad, and Milan look like they are a force to be reckoned with, both in the Transfer Window and on the pitch.

5 key signings for the starting 11, and a strong option for the bench in Borini, and with Atalanta’s Andrea Conti seeming closer to a signature every day, with Medicals being predicted to take place tomorrow, it is safe to say that Milan are reinforcing every aspect of their team.

And Mirabelli and Fassone are all but done; Every day Milan is linked to a new top player, and I personally believe that The Rossoneri are one or two signings away from a Serie A title challenge.

This is because Milan seem to be getting their priorities straight and going about business efficiently and quickly. They have been by far the most effective and organized team in Italy so far, and probably even in Europe.

Other teams like Inter, have made few signings, and the ones that they have made have not been as big as Milan’s. Roma, like Atalanta, seem to have turned into a selling club, Juve look like they are going to lose key players, Napoli has done very little, as well as Lazio. Milan, however, have been quick and organized and seem to be prepared for the season.

The General opinion is that the current squad is good enough for a Champion’s League position (Which will be top 4 from next season) but with a few more key signings such as a striker (Let’s  not forget that Ibrahimovič is available on a free transfer) and a midfielder and defender, I think that Milan’s squad should be good enough to win the League title despite Juventus’ recent dominance.