Milan Turn 118!


On the 16th of December 1899, AC Milan was founded by Herbert Kiplin and Alfred Edwards. We will take a look at the amazing history of AC Milan.

At first, it was called Milan Foot-Ball and Cricket club. It was mainly founded by Herbert Kiplin, who was also a football player and manager. Alfred Edwards helped in the founding of the club and he was the first ever chairman of AC Milan.

In 1919, the club was renamed to Milan Football Club.

In 1939, the club was renamed to Associazione Calcio Milano but was later changed to what it is now, Associazione Calcio Milan.

In 1901, Milan won their first Scudetto, with Herbert Kiplin as a player and coach. They also went on to win a title in 1906 and 1907, with Kiplin as a player. The Scudetto-winning team in 1950/51 consisted of 8 Milan hall of Famers. Including famous Swedish trio at the time, Gunnar Nordahl, Gunnar Green, and Nils Liedholm. Milan won the 54/55 season with only 48 points. The 1956/57 title-winning team has Cesare Maldini, father of Paolo Maldini. They Won 18 League Titles, their latest one coming in 2011.

In Europe, Milan won 7 Champions League titles. The first one coming in 1963, the last in 2007. They won the Coppa Italia 5 times, the UEFA Super Cup 5 times, 1 Club World Cup, 7 Italian Super Cups, 2 Cup Winners Cup, and 3 times Intercontinental cup winner.

Now we talk about many legends that have been in Milan.

Starting from the goalkeeping position, I have to bring up a goalie who made history with AC Milan. First, there is Sebastiano Rossi. He had a milestone career with the Rossoneri, winning a total of 9 titles. The goalkeeper stands at 198centimeters tall and helped Milan achieve what they have. Rossi was known for his strength and his commandment on the field. He always had his defense organized, he made it almost impossible for a player to successfully cross the ball into the box without it getting caught in the air. Rossi was one of the best goalies at his time, he was a great shot stopper and was skilled in every aspect of goalkeeping. He used to have the record for a streak of clean sheets. He went 929 consecutive minutes or 11 games without conceding. His record was later broken by 45 minutes, by Gianluigi Buffon. Rossi still has the record for the least goals conceded by a goalkeeper during a single 34-match Italian league season, with 11.

There are many legendary defenders that were in Milan, but the one I will write about now is Paolo Maldini. Maldini is a product of AC Milan’s youth system. He still holds the most appearances for the club, with 902. He made his Milan debut at the age of 16. Being the son of Milan legend Cesare Maldini, he inherited the genes of a legend. Maldini won many titles, including 5 Champions League trophies. Maldini was capable of playing left back and center back. He was known for his amazing defensive ability, especially his perfectly timed tackles. He has proven himself as one of the best defenders in the history of football. During his time, Milan had an unstoppable team who was nicknamed “The Invincibles”. When he ended his career, Milan retired his shirt number 3 in his honor. Maldini currently has 2 sons in the Milan youth system that will hopefully play at his level.

Another legend is Gennaro Ivan Gattuso. Gattuso was a legend for his club. Before joining Milan, he was playing at the Glasglow Rangers. He was noticed for his aggressivity then joined Milan. He has won a total of 10 titles with Milan. He was known for his defensive ability and for his desire to be aggressive and fight. He was a player in one of the best midfield duos at the time. Gattuso and Pirlo were an amazing duo that controlled the midfield during the games. They supported the midfield and the attack, but they had qualities of their own. Gattuso helped more with the defense and Pirlo with the attack. He was also a national team player and had a key role to play in his country. After 13 years at Milan, he retired and left a huge era on Italian football. He was then appointed as Milan Primavera coach, then recently as Milan head coach.

Last is the one and only Andriy Shevchenko. He was one of the best strikers in his prime and is the second highest all-time goalscorer for Milan. He has scored 176 goals in 323 matches. Shevchenko and Inzaghi were an amazing attacking duo and would terrorize any defense. He could use both feet, was fast and powerful. He is a player that any club would get and a legend.

Happy 118th birthday AC Milan. 118 years of excellence, and as always, Forza Milan.