Milan vs. Brescia 1-0 Review!!


Milan started the match with grit and speed. During the first half a very particular system taking forward André Silva, Castillejo playing behind him, Suso on the right wing, so that the left band is left free so that Çalhanoglu can attack and have more space, in fact so the goal came, with a delicious cross from Suso and a header of Çalhanoglu.

In general, during the first half there were very few goal situations, good possession, recovery, occupation of spaces but it was necessary to create more scoring chances. Brescia had two scoring chances with player Sabelli, especially the second one with a great save by Donnarumma.

The team needed to improve in the attack, and in the second half they started pushing forward creating dangerous scoring chances through Castillejo, Çalhanoglu, Rodríguez crosses all this until minute 55, then the pace of the game lowered, without generating actions of goal or danger, with a game that was declining until minute 85, where Milan from that point had several occasions with Piatek,  Paquetá hit the post with a precise counterattack and Kessié was running forward generating danger, all this taking advantage of the fatigue of Brescia.

In conclusion, Milan lacked of creativity, generation of scoring chances, we also risked a draw, generally it was boring and dangerous match until minute 85 where the spark ignited again. Hopefully, the International teams break will help the team improve this problem, because today we only obtained three points, and there is still work to do to make this Milan play a beautiful calcio as Giampaolo guaranteed.


Donnarumma (6.5): Really attentive match from Gigio, beautiful save on Sabelli, good anticipating the crosses.

Calabria(6): Good advances, speed and forward incursions during the first half, then in the second he lowered his performance, bad for that yellow card received.

Musacchio (6): He was attentive in his task but he was not called much in defense today, he has always found himself ready and also proactive towards the attack.

Romagnoli (6.5): Good passes, precision in the creation phase from behind, very clean in its entrances, a match that is in its standards, very good.

Rodríguez (6.0): An attentive match from Ricardo, well in the defensive phase, a little shy in that offensive if not for a couple of crosses, very precise in the passages as always, but he needs to push more forward.

Bennacer (6.5): Quite helpful in propositional defensive phase and in non-possession, with key passes and accelerations forward. Then during second half he lowered his performance also because Brescia were more careful on him. Not bad Bennacer debut in San Siro.

Kessié (6.5): A quantity match for Kessié, good in the advances and in the raids in attack especially in the final coming to pull in the goal, he played well with Suso. He did also well in the defensive phase helping out Bennacer.

Çalhanoglu (6.5): He was good in defensive phase with pass interception, purposeful in the first half and achieves the goal with a nice header and a very good assist from Suso, then he lowered his performance and got a yellow card during second half then he gets subbed by Paquetá (6.5), who played a good match, getting creative, with speed also he hit the post in an occasion.

Suso (6.5): He felt very free on the right wing, the Giampaolo tactics of placing him behind the striker and then that he can freely move through his habitat, helped the team a lot, generating an assist and creating dangerous occasions. Then during the second half he lowered his performance, but played a good match.

Castillejo (5.5): He runs everywhere but does not have a definite course, tends not to attack vertically which is what is requested, does not throw the bow and does not generate chances, had good movements but it is not enough. Borini (n.r) subbed him but he did not do nothing.

André Silva (5.5): Good movements from André Silva in the attack, good advances, sacrifice, but it’s not enough, he did not generate good goal occasions, he needs to work more (also he got a yellow card). Piatek (6.5) subbed him, really propositive, he had three occasions and he was not lucky sincerely, especially in his last shot, but good one from the Pistolero.

Coach Giampaolo (6.0): First half movements were good, also the team switched to 4-3-1-2 and had more ball possession during the match but then the team lowered the performance from the 30th minute, the lack of creativity is really clear and honestly I do not understand why Borini entered the match instead of Rafael Leão, well the changes of Piatek and Paquetà, where they brought back enthusiasm to this match.

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