Milan vs Brescia Preview & Livestreams


Match Time: Saturday 12:00 P.M Eastern US. 6:00 P.M local

Match Location: San Siro, Milano, Italy

Mian has suffered the first loss in this season vs Udinese in the opening game. On Saturday, Milan will play the first home game with a great support of over 50 thousand attendence. Giampaolo, as rumored, has already decided to switch the formation from 4-1-2-1-2 to the “Christmas tree” 4-3-2-1. On the other hand, Brescia will line up with a predicted 4-1-2-1-2 narrow diamond. The points below will provide a closer look on the possible scenario, the strengths, and the weaknesses.

Playmakers Rules

Hakan and Suso movements are the difference makers in the game. They can decide the shape and the formation. If they move wide in order to find the space, it means the formation has changed to the typical 4-3-3. On the other hand, if they hold their positions well in the depth, we can see significant difference and Milan will have the “numbers” advantage in the midfield of 5vs4. But they can’t do this alone. If they push in the depth, Brescia’s fullbacks will push in too. This is why the fullbacks of milan must push forward to either distract Brescia’s fullbacks or take advantage of the space they left by marking Hakan and Suso.

Another possible scenario is to have Brescia already plsying 5 in the midfield by having one striker dropping back to cover. If this happens, Milan’s centerbacks will have more freedom of moving the ball around. But the downside will be breaking through Brescia’s dense midfield. It takes creativity and milan has been lacking creativity for a while.

Brescia’s Possible Tactics

Brescia most probably will heavily depend on counterattacks. Giving Milan the possession to drain the players stamina and waiting for the chance to play a fast counterattack with triangles. Milan’s fullbacks and midfielders showed lack of chemistry in the last game which made breaking the defense very possible. It is a weak point which Brescia can take advantage of. However, if Milan scores an early goal things will change and we will see Giampaolo’s plan. Recent Milan coaches had similar tactics after taking the lead which is dropping back and playing counterattacks, which was not very successful.

New defensive Midfielder

Bennacer has a high possibility of starting the game. Last game he played few minutes and managed to give a good individual first impression. But for the team, it was too late to fix the midfield again. It is a big chance against humble team to prove his worth and if Milan can rely on him or not. He played a similar football to Giampaolo with Empoli and Algeria so it will not be very diffecult to adapt in his new club. He can be the missing piece which milan has been missing.

Probable line-ups

Ac Milan (4-3-2-1): Donnarumma; Calabria, Musacchio, Romagnoli, Rodriguez; Kessie, Bennacer, Paqueta; Suso, Calhanoglu; Piatek.

Brescia (4-1-2-1-2): Joronen; Sabelli, Castina, Chancellor, Martella; Tonali, Bisoli, Dessena, Torregrossa, Aye, Donnarumma.

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