Milan&Saint-Maximin: Marriage in the summer?


During this week, a new rumour of market surrounded the Rossoneri’s environment. In fact, according to Antonio Vitiello (Milan News Director and Corriere dello Sport collaborator) “Milan are expected to meet with Nice this month to try to snatch an option for Nice winger Allan Saint-Maximin, as Milan do not want to lose out on him after trying to sign him in January”.

Moreover Gazzetta dello Sport remarked: “Milan will target Saint-Maximin in June and there is a bigger chance that a transfer will happen this time. They have already offered €20M, but Nice’s request is at €25M.” Then Corriere dello Sport confirmed “the coming days will be important to try to snatch a pre-emption for Saint-Maximin ahead of the upcoming summer”.

However, the actual price of the deal is not still clear because the amount will vary depending on the lenght of the contract (the longer the expiration more money Milan will have to pay), also according to Carlo Pellegatti “there are some bonuses that can determine the lenght of the contract, even if his contract expires in 2020, some bonuses can led the contract to an extension until 2022”.

The rossoneri’s entourage is moving quickly to have a pre-emption agreement in order to see Saint-Maximin in the summer with Milan. However there is no total clarity on the strategies of Nice, the family and the agents of the player, so we will need to wait until this situation gets more clear.

Resultado de imagen para allan saint-maximin 2019
Allan Saint-Maximin against Bordeaux

Additionally, not only Milan is interested in this player, its reported that Bundesliga and Premier League clubs reported their interest on the player so Milan is moving quickly to anticipate the competitors. It’s not a surprise because he’s a fast and technique player who’s being the figure of a Nice in trouble, but thanks to him they are close to reach an Europa League spot.

Allan Saint-Maximin is a 21 years old winger and centre forward. He can play both sides as a winger, but mostly used as left winger and centre forward. As a FW this season he scored 4 goals and made 2 assists in eleven matches, then as a left winger he played 5 matches and scored 2 goals. In total, at this point of the season he played 23 matches scoring 6 goals and making 3 assists.

As said before, he’s very fast and has good technique, also he likes to dribble, to shoot from distance and he likes to play long passes. Further his strenghts are dribbles, key passes and making passes, again a particular weakness he has his the defensive contribution.

In conclusion, Allan Saint-Maximin could be a great fit for us, he’s young and talented, two characteristics that follow Milan’s strategic lines also we need a player with his qualities to improve our squad, especially in the attack side.

If you want to watch some of Saint-Maximin skills, goals and assists just click!