Montella speaks about Milan and its young talents


Montella speaks about Milan during a radio program called “Anch’Io Sport” and states that Milan has not been patient enough that Cutrone‘s talent bloomed thanks to him.

“I think I did the best I could. I made some mistakes but there were also 10 new players, many of whom had their first experience in Italy and almost all of them had never played in the Champions League. The players and me needed a period of adaptation, no team can win or get results right away, especially if none of its players have won anything. We had to wait, and I had different discussions about this with the managers in the first weeks, and they agreed with me. They are strong players and they will improve a lot but, apart from Bonucci, nobody had worn a prestigious shirt like Milan’s before”.

The ex Milan manager dedicated some words on Milan youngsters, Patrick Cutrone and Gianluigi Donnarumma, starting from the striker, who’s living a real dream full of goals and positive performance: “I am very happy about his convocation, as if it were mine, I feel it as a creature of mine. I made him debut, I saw his hunger from the beginning, we worked a lot on him. What distinguishes him the most is the desire to improve in every single minute of training, this will take him far away, he may surely be the future of the Italian National team”.

Moreover he states: “Cutrone has an enormous potential and has begun to show it with success. Italian football for the attackers is more complicated in terms of adaptation”, underlines Montella, who also takes Donnarumma‘s defense:” he has a great future and a great present and will fully exploit his possibilities, having a very stable family behind him. The arrival of Reina? All great and respectful teams have the duty to work and carry on with two great goalkeepers”.

Montella is for sure a good and kind man, who gave chances also to “smaller” players that found only a little space in other teams. He also had the ability to always be positive, but this ability turned to be a nightmare, and his biggest weak point too. After every defeat, with small and big teams, he was not able to make the team react, to transmit power and hunger of victories. Milan really needed “the gladiator”, Gennaro Ivan Gattuso, who passed to each player all his adrenaline and all his anger in a positive way. You can see this through results: we reach the TIM cup final, winning against strong teams such as Inter and Lazio, we won against important team also in Serie a, defeating Lazio and Roma with very good performance. Gattuso has been able to create a united and powerful group, with the hope to finally reach once again the place where we belong to, the Champions League.