New Era: YOUR Home Of Milan


Same page, same people, new look – ACMilanSwiss is proud to announce their own rebranding.

As the most guys of you know, I (Nico) started ACMilanSwiss in September 2014 as a small Instagram page. Back then I made all the posts in German for the Swiss, German and Austrian people. However, the interest was really small and therefore I decided to change the posts into the english language.

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Since then ACMS has gotten bigger than I ever could’ve expected! In those five years, over 100 people have worked for us!

Now 5 years later it is time to say goodbye to the name ACMilanSWISS! The name “Swiss“ is not suitable anymore; as we are not a fanclub from Switzerland, we are a community from all over the world 😍

Home of Milan

This new name harnesses everything we have been, and everything we intend to be at the same time. For years now we have been the #1 Milan News outlet for many. Now we invite you to make this more than your preferred news coverage; we invite you to make this your Home of all things Milan.

With our continued daily coverage of AC Milan, we will also continue to offer other forms of content including articles, polls, videos, and more. But our biggest goal here is with our new look is community. With Devils in all of our hearts, and red and black coursing through our veins, we aim to make this one of the top AC Milan communities in the media.

We’re all in this together, and one of the most beautiful things about this team is that it draws all of us together from varying corners of the world.

While many of you aren’t afraid to comment on our posts. We invite ALL of you to make the comment section a place of Rossoneri discussion as well, and that our dm is regularly available if you feel the need to contact us. Wether that’s about wondering how you could join the team, or if you’d simply want to talk Milan with us.

The Future 😍

Further down the line, we have some big plans in store for our team and all of YOU as well. These things will help us climb further up the chain, and provide you with a true sense of Milan community. A time will come when we will announce these things as well.

We need some more days to change also the website, but all our Social Media accounts will be changed today.

This is no longer ACMilanSwiss.

This is now YOUR Home of Milan ❤🖤