New stadium instead of San Siro?


Today the mayor of the city Milan, Giuseppe Sala, talked to the press about the San Siro. Its already long known that the city wants a plan about the future of the San Siro. Its clear that Inter Milan want to stay in San Siro. However AC Milan is not keen about staying.

Milan and Inter met each other already a few times before the new management was announced. Back then Milan wanted to build a new stadium but cancelled the plans afterwards.

In may a new management took over at AC Milan and reveald that there is a possibilty about building a new stadium.

Since then the media and the fans didnt hear something concrete about the stadium plans.

Today the mayor of Milan, Giuseppe Sala talked to the press.

“Stadium project? The ideal thing is if Milan and Inter work together. But Milan, and I understand this, are thinking about having their own stadium. We are giving Milan time to see if there are possibilities, but in the end something will have to be done. I personally like San Siro.”

The new milan management wanted to know some possible places around Milan to build a stadium on.

Sala: “We gave Milan the availability of the areas that we consider suitable, especially in the south east part like Rogoredo and Porto di Mare.”

Since then Sala didnt get a response from AC Milan. He is still unsure what happens to the iconic San Siro stadium.

Sala: “I think that Milan still need 2-3 months of reflection but then we need to receive a response. The areas we suggested are suburban areas but well connected to the city, it is difficult to imagine a new

stadium in the city center anymore.”

Now its in the hands of the Milan management what to choose for the future. The legendary San Siro or a complete new stadium?

It seems that we all will know it in the next 2-3 months!

What would you choose? And why?