The options for the Milan’s goal.


The boards directors of AC Milan have some options for the Donnarumma replace.

Due to the surprise response of Donnarumma, both Fassone and Mirabelli will rest until they find the right man to take the position that at one time was that of Gigio. According to the Italian press, AC Milan places some names on the list to see the best options (based on price and quality) and to determine the new goalkeeper who will make history in the resurgence of the rossoneri. Among the options are Mattia Perin (Genoa), Meret (SPAL), Pepe Reina (Napoli), Neto (Juventus) and Leno (Bayer 04).

– Meret and Reina: According to reports Corriere della Sera, AC Milan would consider the young Italian goalkeeper Meret as a whimsical alternative, while Pepe Reina would be the easiest option to sign, for its price of 5 million euros and its Salary, which does not exceed 2.5 million euros.

– Neto: The young Brazilian goalkeeper, instead, is located in the main names to consider, since it is to the liking of Vincenzo Montella and he was one of the approvers to the meetings with his agent. Neto’s agent was in Casa Milan to talk about the situation of a possible transfer to the rossoneri. The problem for this signing is that Juventus requests a total of 10 million euros for the player, but AC Milan would give as a maximum value a total of 6 million euros. According to the latest news of this business, AC Milan could negotiate an exchange of players, which would be Mattia De Sciglio for Neto.

– Bernd Leno: According to the great journalist Di Marzio, AC Milan are looking to invest a lot of money in a good and experienced goalkeeper, that is why Bayer Leverkusen goalkeeper Leno will be considered, being the Rossoneri able to offer To the German club a total of 19 million euros.

– Mattia Perin: This is the most famous name to reinforce AC Milan’s goal, although he has not had a good season for his injuries, the Rossoneri does not see that as a problem. Genoa is asking for a total of 15 million euros for the young Italian (including BONOS), but AC Milan would offer a maximum of 8 million euros because of his injuries only 10 Serie A matches. Milan was thanks to its agent, Alessandro Lucci (also is agent of Montella), since this one offered it to the club.