New scandal between Fassone and Milan!


The soap opera between ex Milan CEO Marco Fassone and the owners of AC Milan the Elliott group continues, as firstly Fassone sued the club for “retaliatory dismissal”, in fact these are the words expressed by Fassone’s lawyer Francesco Rotondi after the court hearing on thursday:

  • “Fassone’s position is that of a worker dismissed for an alleged just cause and has appealed to the Labor Court to ascertain its truth and the inexistence of the reasons underlying the dismissal.
  • There are more than 300 pages of cases and acts, of documents deposited and at this moment there is no discussion about the dismissal but of an antecedent fact.
  • We believe that this is a redundancy caused by the establishment of a new management, which usually occurs without having to resort to litigation: instead, Dr Fassone has been offered a 2 and 2.5 million the night before the change of ownership and his refusal to resign has triggered the process of dismissal and causes. is something strange: you do not offer this money when you know that there are these causes.
  • He concludes saying that defamation is what happened from July 21st to August 14th. Even before arriving at the dismissal for just cause, which occurred on August 14 and not July 21 when he was revoked as Chief Executive Officer, the newspapers already spoke of dismissal for just cause” (Source:


Furthermore in today’s news regarding this issue, Il Sole 24 Ore informed a new scandal that says:

  • “Elliott have presented a voluminous dossier against Marco Fassone, as the former Milan CEO has filed a lawsuit against Milan & Elliott. Elliott’s dossier includes systematic espionage under Fassone’s reign.
  • The espionage cost €80.000 in total and was used consistently against club employees and sports journalist that were most critical of the Chinese ownership at Milan. Some senior members of the Milan management were aware of this activity, including Fassone.Milan, fuga di notizie su Yonghong Li: Fassone fece pedinare 4 giornalisti!
  • In particular, eyes on notebooks, tablets and smartphones of the Rossoneri executives (with authorization of the same). It is not over, however: Telecom is asked to verify the printouts of four telephone users: those of Agata Frigerio, Giuseppe Mangiarano, Giovanna Zian and Angela Zucca.
  • Fassone met with PI company Carpinvest in January 2018 and reminded them that they need to urgently intervene in order to avoid the continuous leak of news related to the economic details and industrial plans of the club in the media
  • In July 2018, Milan received payment reminders by different companies. Elliott received the €80.000 bill when they took over Milan in July, and they were left confused. Elliott have then decided to use the bill as a documentation in their dossier against Fassone.”

In conclusion the court will decide who will win this battle, Fassone and Elliot both of them have their reasons and documents to prove their truth, then the court will decide who’s right!