The Race to the Champions League


It has been an interesting past weekend to say the least, especially for the fans of Inter, Roma, Atalanta, and of course, our dear Milan. These four teams, all with very different seasons and all with their own ups and downs, aren’t fighting for the title anymore.

But rather placement and qualification for the Champions League.

Milan was able to gain the 3 points against Frosinone, which were integral to keeping our return to the Champions League dreams alive. El Pistolero was able to end his short, but nonetheless notable, drought — and Suso was able to keep the quality he showed against Fiorentina and carry it into one of the finest free-kick goals Europe has seen so far in 2019.

All was fine and well until Milan fans switched channels to eventually see Atalanta up 1-0 against Juve, lasting all the way until a Mandzukic equalizer in the 80th minute. With the game finishing 1-1, Rossoneri and fans alike were able to breathe once more as the doors have been left wide open at the top end of the Serie A.

Screen Shot 2019-05-21 at 8.35.43 PM

(Table courtesy of Google)

With Napoli’s thrashing of Inter (4-1) and Romas draw against Sassuolo, the table has been left as pictured above, with one match to go. With only a 3 point difference between 6th place Roma and 3rd place Atalanta, it’s obvious this season will end in one of several possibilities for Milan — which are as follows

Ways Milan places in a Champions League Spot:

  • Win vs. SPAL this weekend, and either/both Atalanta (playing at Sassuolo) and Inter (hosting Empoli) draw or lose.
  • Draw vs. SPAL, both Atalanta and Inter lose, and Roma wins and gains goal difference advantage over Inter. Which means that (inferring Inter loses by one goal) Roma would have to score as many as 6 goals over Parma.

Ways Milan doesn’t get a Champions League spot:

  • Both Atalanta and Inter win their respective matches.
  • SPAL’s goalie scores a last-minute equalizer *cough Benevento cough*
  • Walking out of Ferrara with anything less than 3 points, pretty much.

Although, as mentioned above, it is possible to attain a Champions League spot if Milan draws against SPAL; relying on Roma to score six goals against Parma isn’t exactly the most promising prospect. That being said, the devils and us as fans want nothing less than what we always desire, three points.

And that’s what we’ve gotten in these past three matches.  Now, our entire season relies on continuing that form into one last victory. The highs and lows of this season, the discoveries and acquisitions in our squad, the controversy of management, and perhaps most importantly – the re-discovery of the Milan integrity, all boils down to this.