The rise of Piatek’s transfer value


La Gazzetta dello Sport has analyzed the transfer value of some Serie A’s best players. Krzysztof Piatek’s price has already risen to 60 million.

“Piatek now enters a different dimension of the transfer market,” Genoa director of sport Perinetti told La Gazzetta dello Sport.

“Genoa took a gamble on him and out of necessity we took €35m. A club like ours has to do that and the success of Antonio Sanabria as his replacement proves we are right.

“In theory, Piatek has already doubled his value, as he’s now worth no less than €70-80m.”

According to the La Gazzetta dello sport, “the transfer market value of Polish centre forward has already duplicated. Today, Krzysztof Piatek is worth at least 60 million. The meteoric raise of Piatek is simply remarkable writes La Gazzetta calling him “the par excellence phenomenon“. However any interested club must certainly offer more to lure him away from San Siro.

The figure mentioned above could increase from now until the end of the year. Milan need his goals to secure Champions League qualification. But above all to quickly forget the painful defeat in the derby. Piatek is charged, ready to do battle and provide for his team. It took him just 10 minutes to score the only goal in Austrio-Poland yesterday and gift his side the first three points in Euro 2020 campaign.