There is not here Mirabelli and Fassone, here is a single group: MILAN ─ Fassone


We are saddened by these extremes that calcio generates. We are bitter from this decision, whether it’s from the player or agent.However, we cannot risk anything, we have to look for a new goalkeeper.I must make sure that we have a ready, calm goalkeeper in good psychological conditions.San Siro protest against Gigio would take off his serenity. From what Raiola says it seems that the boy is very anxious.Montella will decide week after week, but for me he can play every game next year. However, we cannot risk anything.

Nobody has ever questioned legitimacy of Gigio’s choice. It’s perfectly in rules.However, legitimacy is one thing, business ethics is another. [Gigio’s decision] could’ve be done without damaging the club.We must look for a goalkeeper by force, as we can’t hold a player with an expiring contract, maybe thinking about R. Madrid.As a result, the decision caused Milan €100m damage. If Donnarumma is worth that much at 18 it’s also thanks to this club.

It was enough to say he didn’t want to stay at Milan, and we could have renewed with a reasonable release clause.Therefore, if a big club would have came asking for him, even this summer, they would have paid this specific number to buy him.So whatever Real Madrid isn’t paying me will enter the pockets of the agent. I would have invested it in italian football.Gigio never showed will to leave Milan, never. He always repeated that he wanted to stay. Up until two days before the meeting.

There are no Mirabelli and Fassone, there is one single group; Milan.

Every move, ever proposal, every phone call is agreed, that no one will try to squander between us.

Raiola says that Gigio changed his mind 15 days ago? Never, every time we spoke with him he always repeated that he wants to stay.Raiola who, however, has always told us that he wasn’t available to negotiate in times we decided.