“They took everything!” – Montolivo waves Goodbye to Milan with Heavy Disappointment


Riccardo Montolivo says he’s leaving AC Milan feeling hurt and personally insulted.

The former club captain leaves after spending the season in the stands.

“Seven seasons with this glorious jersey… four years with the captain’s armband,” he wrote on Instagram.

“Then… They took away the armband and I didn’t say a word… I didn’t get a single minute on the field and didn’t say a word…

“I didn’t get the chance to say goodbye at my stadium and I didn’t say a word. All this breath I’ve spared, I’m using it now to shout ‘thank you’ to the Rossoneri fans.

“Thank you from a captain and a wounded man, but someone who will keep their head held high, aware that they’ve always carried out their professional duties in every area.

“The wounds heal, the love for this shirt remains forever… Forza Milan.”