TIM Cup Final: AC Milan vs Juventus


All Milan fans are lost for words on what happened in Rome. With Juventus showing dominance once again Milan missed an opportunity to take home the cup. However, some good takeaways that Milan had were that in the first half we played great we played a perfect half with our lives on the line great pass and move techniques and some good shots from Suso and Bonaventura. However, in the second half was when the massacre took place in the 56 minute when a corner was in place and Benatia with a bullet head went right past Donnarumma. In the 61 minute, Douglas Costa took the ball curled and Gigio saved it but went straight through his hands making it 2-0. Shortly after in the 64 minute Benatia strikes back with Gigio dropping the ball and Benatia being offsides scored making it 3-0 for the Bianconeri. Lastly, in the 76 minute, another corner was awarded for Juve and Kalinic headed the ball straight passed Donnarumma making it 4-0 the final score.

If anything we should take away from this game is that we should be proud of what our team has come to get this far in the Coppa Italia. Being a fresh new team which had no chemistry under Montella beating Inter in extra time and beating Lazio on penalties we should be extremely proud of our team. Now we must put this tough loss behind us and focus on these last two games we have against Atalanta and Fiorentina. We need to concentrate on qualifying for the Europa League and only then can we celebrate FORZA MILAN!