Unexpected Derby Heroes: Gianni Comandini

Gianni Comandini was born in Cesena in 1977. He played for many teams in his career but never accomplished anything great. The greatest team in which he played was AC Milan (obviously). He played only 13 matches and scored only 2 goals, which is pretty bad for someone who had the number 9 in his back. He played only a year with the rossoneri and then he was sold to Atalanta. He was a striker and as we said, scoring 2 goals in 13 matches is pretty bad for a striker.
Well, I’m here to tell you the story of the 2 most important goals in Comandini’s life. It was the 11th of May 2001, Derby della madonnina. Inter-Milan, eternal rivalry and always an opened battle, but…not that day!
Comandini played the match since the first minute and it was his first derby. The match starts and only two minutes after the whistle Serginho crosses the ball in the middle of the area and Comandini scores. Milan leading and Comandini’s first goal with the rossoneri and in the derby too, because there is more from the number 9.
Serginho once again in the left, crosses and Comandini beats Frey once again. 2-0 for Milan, Two goals in the derby for Comandini and also his only goals for AC Milan. After that day he never had more moments like that, it’s a pretty sad career but at least we will all remember him for these goals
Hero for a day? Yes, totally!!