Versatility in Milan passing since Maldini!!


Since the dawn of injuries among the starting eleven, players are made to play in the new position. It has always been the case where versatility has been a crucial factor for a team. Maldini who started his career as a right back flourished astoundingly when he changed to left back position , which made him the greatest of all time. Whenever the team required him to play he was always ready, and also played a centre back.

Same can be said of Ignazio Abate, who recently changed from defending on the right side towards the centre. Although not at all as effective as the world’s greatest no.3, he is still helping Milan side by keeping a clean sheet last match against Torino.

Ac Milan are looking for someone who is versatile as well as shares the elite status when comes to playing in different positions.

There have been players for Milan who were considered playing at different players, for example look at Castillejo, since he came to Milan he has played as left winger, as a second striker and sometimes given the chance to play in his natural position in the right midfielder, Calhanoglu can play at different positions, Andrea Conti can play both as a right back and as a right mid and not to forget Borini who is the one of the players who had played at almost every position except the goalkeeper.

Even though we have the players who could play at different position, the quality seems to be major threat for Gattuso. The players are not qualified to play at the biggest stage, with this young team, the board is still expecting a lot from the warriors of Milan.